When you get knocked down, get back up.

Well it has been quite awhile since I have had the time to sit down and write out what has been going on! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep up with the 30 Day Fitness challenge. My back began to hurt and when I spoke with my chiropractor, he told me it was because of the the exercises I had been doing. he also told me I am not able to do Zumba for awhile because of the high impact. He gave me a list of exercises to do that will build up my butt and lower back muscles. After a couple of days I got a cold and all my energy and time was spent studying for the LSAT. I have been in bed for the past week because of the flu and an eye infection. I managed to get out of bed and take my LSAT on Saturday and I honestly think I didn’t do too bad. I won’t find out for sure until March 3.

So here I am, my goals plastered on the web about losing weight and I didn’t follow through. What a shame. But the thing is, I wasn’t doing the challenge for anyone else. I was doing it for me. So here I go with my next goal, because I know I can and will do this. I am going to Disneyland with my family in June for my son’s first time. I will want to take millions of pictures and I want to look thinner than I do now. That’s it, thinner. No specific number or goal. I do know how I will be getting thinner too. Walking. When I was studying for the LSAT I put myself on a schedule and I walked with my son for a few times in the morning. It felt great to get out there with my little guy and get some exercise. I would like to walk everyday but I do know that sometimes life gets in the way. So I shall begin with going on a walk every morning Monday through Friday. Just a simple 20 minute walk, and if I feel like I would like to walk more then I shall do so. In going to Law School, I will need to be on a better schedule. So it may not be an every day post but I will update on how my walks are going and how my weight is corresponding. All I know is that I am not giving up.


My 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Today was a busy day! Despite the practice test I took for the LSAT today, I took a much needed nap and after making dinner visited a few friends whose father passed away this weekend. Just another reminder of how precious life is and how I need to take care of myself! Feeling great that I am taking the steps to a healthier life.

So Day 3 is completed. After a busy day all I wanted was to come home and sit on the couch and watch a movie. While my husband put my son to bed, I took advantage and ran through my routine quickly. I decided to modify two steps because they were hard for me to complete due to the lack of my core muscles. I decided to do the plank and push ups on my knees. The most important thing is that I completed my goal. Now I get to relax.


My 30 Fitness Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 of the challenge and though there is this nagging feeling that I am not doing enough or exercising hard enough, I am just happy that I am doing something. As I sat playing rummy with my sister eating movie theater popcorn (thats right the buttery heart attack), I know there will be more to work on. I cant change the world in 30 days but if I can take this one step and slowly add more and more I will get there. I will be healthy for myself and for my family. I will be up and running more with my son as he plays. My nephew’s birthday party was today at Jumpoline and I jumped around with my son and niece. But I feel like I took a back seat a little more than I should do to my weight.

Marce enjoying an afternoon at Jumpoline.

Marce enjoying an afternoon at Jumpoline.

When we got home my husband decided he wanted to do the routine with me. It really took no time at all. Though it was a little tougher since my muscles are aching from yesterday. Planks are no joke. It was nice to have some company today and encouragement. He says he even felt good afterwards too! to feel the stretch of my muscles and the euphoric feeling after even a short exercise is nice. Day 2 completed.

A little company with todays routine <3

A little company with todays routine ❤

My 30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of my fitness challenge. I can tell you this much, I did not want to do it yesterday. I much rathered sit on the couch an browse pintrest of all the exercising I could be doing. But I made a promise to myself. I want to actually do the things I plan to do. So I began with a picture. The picture that will one day be known as my “Before Picture”.

This is me. No angles, no tricks.

This is me. No angles, no tricks.

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have struggled with Depression my entire life and since I got pregnant in 2010, I have suffered from extreme back pain. I figure part of my back pain ties in with the lack of core muscles. Although my mother owned a dance studio when I was a child and I was a cheerleader in high school, I was never too flexible or strong. Its hard to get me to a place where I am physically and mentally capable of exercise. For that reason, this 30 day challenge is a big deal for me.

After taking my “Before Picture”, I started my routine. I found a simple routine that I started with. As I get stronger I will continue to challenge myself. Everyone thinks exercise is an hour at the gym sweating your buns off, for me exercise is as little as this routine. I have started and thats what matters. I am sure I will get there one day. I cant wait to return to Zumba at my favorite place Dance 2-Gather. So here it is my new routine. Its not a lot, but its enough for now.

My simple solution to a new beginning.

My simple solution to a new beginning.


Dance 2 Gather instructors Sarina and Erica. www.dance2gather.com

Dance 2 Gather instructors Sarina and Erica.

In addition to the inspiration of my sister Sarina and my zumba instructor Erica, I have found a new inspiration. I often see the weight loss stories on the internet and sit here wishing it was me. I keep trying but keep failing. Well this time I will succeed.

My recent inspiration is Lakiesha and for 100 days she has posted a video of her doing exercise. I find this very inspirational. The one issue that I have is deciding one day I am just not going to eat crap anymore or that I will exercise. I end up stopping every time because I think I set unrealistic goals. I think that I need to start with a small goal and stick with it. If I prove to myself that I can do it, then I know I will stick with it.

Another Inspiration <3

Another Inspiration ❤

The one thing I keep forgetting is that everyone is different. Sarina and Erica may have Zumba and Lakiesha may have her 100 day challenge. I need to find what is best for me.

I have decided to commit myself to a 30 DAY challenge. I think I should start small and I should stick to one thing which I feel is most important at this time. I need to exercise for 30 days. My back is constantly hurting and I want to prove to myself that if I build the core muscles to carry myself around my back pain will lessen. Once I am feeling up to it I will return to Zumba but until then, I have a couple routines I will be working on each day. Here's to me!

Flash Cards

My Study Materials

My Study Materials

Another day of studying! I feel like I have been using my time wisely. My main focus today was to review my flashcards and get familiar with the information. If you haven’t taken the LSAT its important to know that the LSAT doesn’t have specific material to study. One must study the form of logic that we use in Law and apply it to the situations (questions) presented on the LSAT. Now familiarizing myself with the material has been helpful because it will help me realize what approach I must take faster which is crucial since the LSAT is a time test. Any person, if taking the test at their leisure, would definitely answer most of the questions correctly. However, the LSAT requires that we act fast on these questions only allowing about 1 minute and 35 second per question on the “Logical Reasoning” section. I still have quiet a ways to go on studying but I feel like I am getting a good start! I already feel like this weekend might be a good time to take a practice test.

Making flashcards doesnt necessarily have to be study time since it requires a little less focus than the actual studying and understanding of the material. Although studying can be made easier if I can focus and understand the material while doing the flashcards.

Making flashcards doesnt necessarily have to be study time since it requires a little less focus than the actual studying and understanding of the material. Although studying can be made easier if I can focus and understand the material while doing the flashcards.

Hopefully my focus will improve after reviewing these flashcards. I tend to be pretty strict when studying flashcards. I make two piles: correct or incorrect. If I don’t answer them correctly as it says on the back of the card, they go into the incorrect pile again. However, if i answer them by rewording it in my own way, it is a sign that I truly understand the concept and I will put that in the correct pile.

Incorrect vs Correct Looks like my correct pile is getting bigger!

Incorrect vs Correct
Looks like my correct pile is getting bigger!

To most people having a month to study may seem like its not a lot of time. However, to me I am blessed to be in a position where I have plenty of time. Pacing yourself is the best way to succeed in a situation like this.